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April 30, 2011

Dear Friends:

Welcome to your April 2011 report for The $10 Club.

Colombia's national HIV infection rate is under one percent, but prevalence is high among certain vulnerable groups, especially in Bogotá. Bogotá – densely populated – has emerged as a nucleus for the spread of the disease. Poverty, combined with lack of education, fragile living situations, and limited access to health services increases the risk of infection and exacerbates the social and psychological stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Displaced people are a significant vulnerable group. Many of the people living in the city are refugees from internal conflict in the countryside; their arrival in Bogotá then, sadly, presents a new set of dangers, including poverty and disease. Displacement may force women into sex work for financial support. Many women report entering the profession before they reach 18 years of age, and more than half have never had another job. Further, displaced people often cannot afford to buy condoms, or are ignorant of the dangers of unprotected sex.

Currently, Colombia has no real national strategy or budget for HIV prevention programs targeted at these vulnerable groups. Prevention and awareness-raising is left to private health companies, local departments and non-governmental organizations.

Fundación Eudes (Eudes Foundation) is a non-profit organization established in Colombia to provide holistic services to people living with HIV/AIDS and suffering from social discrimination. Services include medical exams, dental care, psychological support, social work, spiritual support, and free social service, advocacy, and prevention programs related to HIV/AIDS for high-risk populations in Bogotá, Colombia.

This month, 250 of us joined together to donate $2,500 to Fundación Eudes to carry out their mobile health service program for the next three months for advocacy and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Our grant will enable women’s health exams (including HIV testing), dental services; legal and other support, and workshops in healthy lifestyles. Thank you.

This project will attend to the needs of at-risk groups of people including transgender individuals and women in situations of prostitution, families of members of beneficiary at-risk groups (partners, children, etc.), men that engage in sexual activity with men, homeless people living on the street, and drug-addicted individuals.

Knowledge is power, and this month you will help educate so many vulnerable Colombians about the risks of HIV/AIDS, how to protect themselves, and, perhaps, how to ensure their own very survival.

Saving the world, ten dollars at a time,


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