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February 28, 2011

Dear Friends:

Welcome to your February 2011 report for The $10 Club.

Eighty per cent of the total land in the Amazon is occupied by indigenous people. Less than 10% have access to safe drinking water and, in the Peruvian Amazon, the lack of potable water has led to various cholera epidemics in the past two decades. Contaminated water and lack of basic sanitation standards are a threat to the indigenous communities in the frontier between Peru and Colombia.

The dry season of 2010 (September-November) was reported as the most severe of the last 40 years with the Amazon River dropping down to its lowest level. Communities close to the river lacked access to water and faced an alarming sanitary crisis, which exposed local people – especially children and the elderly – to water-borne diseases.

Fundación Entropika works on conservation of the region’s tropical biodiversity by facilitating local community-led projects and working closely with the local indigenous people to tackle conservation issues. As part of their work they are implementing a campaign to promote sanitation and hygiene to overcome the current cholera epidemic that is affecting the Peruvian Amazon.

This month, 270 of us joined together to donate $2,700 to Fundacion Entropika to provide potable water to an indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon, specifically for 330 people in the Vista Alegre community. We will fund installation of a tubwell system for pumping water from the Amazon; promote safe use of potable water; increase awareness of the dangers of contaminated water; raise awareness of hygiene and sanitation issues; and ensure safe water to the community. We will specifically fund the purchase of a variety of PVC pipes; ejector valves, wire mesh, gravel, storage tanks, electric pumps, and materials transport to build the wells. Thank you.

Fundacion Entropika recently assessed the needs for potable water in each of the communities they serve with the technical assistance of an engineer who has 27 years experience in the installation of water technologies in the Amazon area. The different locations of the communities and their corresponding conditions require different water solutions. Hand pumps were not recommended as they are not reliable during the dry season, at least 5 hand pumps would be required to meet the needs of the whole community during the wet season, and the costs of the hand pumps and their maintenance are high.

Thanks to you and your donation this month, potable water will be delivered to communities in need in the Peruvian Amazon, well maintenance will be taught, and people will receive much-needed knowledge about water and sanitation issues.

Saving the world, ten dollars at a time,


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