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January 31, 2011

Dear Friends:

Welcome to your January 2011 project report for The $10 Club. I apologize for the delay in submitting this report Ė it has been a very hectic start to the year. February and March reports will follow soon.

The Kilimanjaro Orphanage Center (KOC) in Moshi, Tanzania was founded in early 2009 by Edward Lazaro responding to the recognized need to provide care and shelter to an increasing population of orphaned children in the Moshi area. The Center provides food, clothing, shelter, education, spiritual guidance and medical care to the residents of the facility as well as to other needy children in the community.

Currently KOC houses 30 children, mostly between the ages of 4 and 10, at a housing center in Pasua Tanzania a small community just outside of Moshi. The long term vision is to buy and build a preplanned community for up to 100 children.

There are so many heart-wrenching and heart-warming stories of the kids there.
  • Agnes, for instance, was under the long standing care of a maternal aunt who never liked her and who prevented her from attending school so that she could work full time in the house caring for the auntís own children. Both of her parents died from AIDS.
  • Estherís mother was murdered by her step father who is in prison. It remains unclear whether she has a biologic living father. She came to the orphanage in poor health suffering from malnutrition. She had received no schooling before arriving at the orphanage.
  • Winifreda was living with an elderly grandmother who was unable to provide for her after the death of her parents from HIV. She has no siblings and she has never had visitors since going to the orphanage. She is a very shy and quiet child, but is very popular with all of the other children. She was one of my bravest children when taken to the dentist for tooth fillings.
  • Gloria was being cared for on a farm on the slopes of Kilimanjaro by an elderly grandmother who was partially paralyzed by a stroke and by a grandfather who had lost a leg from an infection. Her mother died from HIV in 2005 and her father was never known. She has no brothers or sisters. After a long and tearful meeting with her caregivers who realized that they had little opportunity to offer her, she went to live at the Center.
This month, 250 of us donated $2,500 to the Kilimanjaro Orphanage Center to assist in the acquisition and installation of a solar hot water heater. Iím told this will have an immediate, positive impact on the lives of the children there. It will, of course, provide the children with hot water for regular showers. Further, it will help reduce the risks of several medical problems for the children such as skin diseases and infections. Additionally, cleaning efforts will become far more effective having access to a ready source of hot water, facilitating the fight against the spread of germs and bacteria. Thank you.

Presumably, we all take access to hot water for granted. For Agnes, Esther, Wini, Gloria, and dozens of other children in Tanzania, itís a previously unknown treat that will improve their health and their lives overall. There is also an economic and environmental impact from our project, which will reduce the monthly overhead costs of heating or boiling water by propane or wood fire.

According to Jamie King, the project coordinator: ďThe solar hot water heater will provide the children with hot water on a daily basis at no cost after the initial set up for at least the next 25 years, something the care givers and physicians are extremely excited about.Ē Thank you for making this happen.

Saving the world, ten dollars at a time,


PS. If you have not yet sent in your 2011 dues, please do right away! We need your help.

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