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July 31, 2011

Dear Friends:

Welcome to your July 2011 report for The $10 Club.

Since October 2005, the Maun Homeopathy Project has been running outreach clinics in and around Maun, Botswana, which has one of the highest rates of HIV and AIDS in the world. Maun treats patients who are HIV positive, who suffered after violent rapes, who witnessed attacks on family members, who are ill and raising children on their own, who have had other complicating debilitations such as strokes, and who are pregnant and need to survive and ensure the survival of their children.

Through previous support from The $10 Club, they were able to rent a clinic, employ a receptionist, Lebogang Sarwanyane, and expand their outreach program so that more people unable to gain access to healthcare can have the benefit of homeopathic service. The Maun Homeopathy Project has developed an outstanding reputation for helping people living with HIV and AIDS. In addition to meeting the urgent health needs of people in Botswana they also make their homeopathy service sustainable, run by and for local people.

Lebogang has been an incredible asset as a receptionist. According to Hilary Fairclough, the Project’s Director, “We couldn’t run the clinics without her.” She greets clients as they arrive, makes them feel welcome and describes to them what their homeopathy treatment will involve. She has a warm and gentle manner and takes time with each client before they see the homeopath. She takes on preparations for the Outreach Clinics, maintains all client records, manages the line of clients, and takes care of all the administration and paperwork.

Because she is inspired by homeopathy and is committed to help her community through this medicine, Lebogang has started to train to become a homeopath using the College of Practical Homeopathy’s Distance Learning Course. Now she not only manages her clinic duties but studies one day a week with the financial and the teaching support of the homeopath volunteers. Said Fairclough, “Lebogang is not only an essential part of the Maun Homeopathy team but is a key part of the future of homeopathy in Botswana.”

The charity is able to raise money for volunteer and training expenses but has struggled to raise enough money to continue to pay Lebogang and meet their ongoing expenses for homeopathic medicines and the vehicle essential for outreach clinics and home visits.

The $10 Club has been asked to donate the cost of Lebogang’s salary for one year, which will enable her to continue her work and her studies and for the clinic to maximize its output, treating more than 1,000 people in desperate need of their services. This month, 250 of us joined together to donate $2,500 to the Maun Homeopathy Project to enable Lebogang Sarwanyane to complete her training as a homeopath. Thank you.

Sustainability is vital to the lasting impact of poverty alleviation projects. By training staff committed to the mission and the organization – in this case, homeopathic treatment of HIV/AIDS patients – we invest in a lifetime of homeopathic health care for Botswana’s poor.

Saving the world, ten dollars at a time,

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