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June 30, 2011

Dear Friends,

Welcome to your June 2011 report for The $10 Club.

Bolivia is the poorest and least developed country in South America, with economic indicators that put it on par with the poorest of Sub-Saharan African nations. Children in Bolivia are especially vulnerable.

In August 2009 we provided Ninos con Valor with new medical instruments. Now they are raising money for the health care needs of the 36 children living in two residential homes in Cochabamba, Bolivia: Corazón del Pastor and Pedacito de Cielo. This month, 250 of us joined together to donate $2,500 for three months of healthcare, dental care, hygiene, and cleaning costs for both homes. Thank you.

The girls and young women served by our grant this month include those who have who have been orphaned, abandoned, or removed from high-risk home situations and require specialized residential care. They are living with special needs, including HIV/AIDS, health conditions, psychiatric or psychological disorders, and/or learning disabilities and may face discrimination.

In partnership with Ninos con Valor and with our grant the Pedacito de Cielo and Corazón del Pastor centers will help break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and marginalization afflicting the resident children.

Together we will provide:
  1. Direct health care, including proper nutrition, medical check-ups, dental check-ups, orthodontics, specialist consultations, and prescriptions. Each child receives standard wellness check-ups through age 5, including all immunizations, and then a minimum of tri-annual medical examinations and bi-annual dental check-ups. Specialists will be seen for any chronic illness, rehabilitation needs, or any other ailment as needed. Prescriptions are purchased as needed.
  2. Personal hygiene for children who may arrive undernourished and dirty, with hair full of lice, skin conditions, or badly decaying teeth. Teaching proper hygiene as a normal part of the daily routine is important for maintaining a child’s health, and is also a key component in building their self-esteem. The children learn to feel good about caring for themselves as they see improvements in the condition of their skin and hair.
  3. A Sanitary Environment in which to thrive. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness and sanitation in the homes is critical for preventing many of the common childhood illnesses and contagious diseases that, for the immune-compromised children, can pose serious risks. The common cold can rapidly progress to pneumonia or bronchitis, which can result in expensive hospital stays. Our support will enable the purchasing of bulk cleaning materials for the homes, reducing costs over time, while providing the necessary supplies for a sanitary environment.
Ninos con Valor responds to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children with traumatic pasts, empowering them to reach their maximum potential and to pass on their experiences and values to other children in high-risk situations. This month, you have ensured that their vital work can continue for three more months!

Saving the world, ten dollars at a time,


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