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October, 2011 UPDATE

We the members of Kinkizi Rural Development Initiative trust (KIRUDI) are very jovial to communicate to you as a group purposely sending you a vote of thanks for donating to us money to buy a plot of land. It is very hard to see it by mere writing this letter but honestly our innermost hearts are now comfortable and not doubting of where we shall be next time, as it was before we had our own land, in short we are the happiest ones.

In Uganda land is now more precious than Gold especially here in Bwindi, therefore anyone who decides to give you land to farm in Bwindi have given you wealth for life.

Now that we have our own land as a group we are now focusing on permanent plans for sustainable use of our land, we are planning to put up measures that makes sustainable use of our small land for the goodwill of our present community and the future generation. Now that the land is small and strategically positioned we are planning high value crops that will benefit each of us both economically, socially and health wise. Enterprises like nursery bed of vegetables and coffee as well mushroom project are going to be established, the reason being that they occupy small space and give high yield in a short time, also we shall be getting seedling from our plot to go and plant in our home gardens.

We therefore again thank you to help us achieve this great resource which have been our dream for the last 5 years. Thank you for making us get established on our own property. We also send our inmost appreciation to those who contributed as we know this generous heart is not with everybody though they could be having even much to do anything. Please send our innermost thanks to them.

Like as you know we are still trying to establish ourselves we need much more help as you well know that reaching at a self-sustaining stage is not simple especially we the less privileged and marginalized women and men of the community.

We have attached a group photo for you to see those who are benefiting or going to benefit from the land and the entire project in general. You may not see us clearly because we took the photos after the meeting late in the evening. It was getting darker.

Safari Joseph.
Chairman for and on the behalf of KIRUDI organization members.

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