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“Dear Adam; Anita and Steve Smith copied to me much of the correspondence that has recently passed between you. I must say I admire you and your friends for the fine work you are doing; deeply humanitarian in its conception, profoundly elegant in its simplicity, and hugely practical in its delivery. What you are doing echoes precisely what Paul Harris did in Chicago in 1905. Look what that led to; Rotary International with its ongoing mighty work for humanity. I wish you and your friends well, in the development of your work.” {Dr. Peter McCormick, Bansang Hospital Appeal}

* * *

“It is very impressive and humbling to be the recipient of funds from your $10 Club. Your club is demonstrating how smaller amounts of money from many, when put together for one specific project, will spread out to affect the lives of a whole village.” {Elise Cooper, El Porvenir}

* * *

“The idea on which your club is founded is quite wonderful….The bedding funded by The $10 Club will be received with tears of thanks.” {Dr. E.A. Carswell, The Jinpa Project}

* * *

“We also want you to know that The $10 Club is one of the most innovative and inspiring donor initiatives we have encountered in 30 years of development work. What a wonderful idea!” {Peter Schweitzer, Plenty}

* * *

"Thank you so very much for loving the poor in the world as you do. What a great club you have." {Suzi, Stephens, Registered Nurse, Malawi Project}

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