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2010 Projects


January 2010 Project January 2010

$3,400 was given to Burundi Orphan Relief to support their micro-finance project to support women and orphans in Burundi. Our grant provided enough money to rent a room for six months to enable orphaned children to make clothes for sale, giving them a useful vocational skill in the process, as well as the tools needed to equip the shop; build a small shop to sell basic household needs and train local woman in building a small business; build and equip a small store for selling veterinary and agricultural products and provide necessary small business training for the women working there; and supply seeds and cultivation equipment to allow women to grow food for sale. Read more.

February 2010 Project February 2010

$3,400 was given to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti (HAS) to fund the salary of a surgical support staff person ($2,700 per year), as well as $700 toward needed maintenance for surgical equipment such as sterilizers. HAS is one of the few surgical hospitals in Haiti that was able to begin treating earthquake victims within hours of the tragedy. After the urgency of traumatic injuries abated, new challenges emerged in providing preventive care and health services to hundreds of thousands of displaced Haitians. Read more.

Project update

For more information: www.hashaiti.org

March 2010 Project March 2010

$3,400 was donated to Katherine Bramahall, a Certified, Licensed Midwife and one of the founding directors of the Bumi Sehat Haiti “La Femme” Birth clinic in Jacmel, Haiti. Located in the country's southern coast, Jacmel, Haiti suffered extensive causalities during the earthquake and was left littered with crumbled buildings. In response, the Bumi Sehat Foundation International opened its third village-based birth clinic there – housed in a 1,500 square foot dome. The skilled midwifery team there provides prenatal care, gentle births and healing postnatal care. We funded a portable ultrasound machine to diagnose baby position and size, placental position, pregnancy viability and pregnancy dates. In addition, we funded $400 worth of specialized sterile surgical sutures to repair the tears that women naturally incur during childbirth. Childbirth is the second leading cause of death for women in Haiti. Read more.

For more information: www.bumisehatbali.org

Additional photos: 2010 Project Photos

April 2010 Project April 2010

$3,400 was given to the Andando Foundation in Sierra Leone to support their Buedu feeding program for the next two and a half to three months. Buedu is in a remote area and is virtually cut off from the rest of Sierra Leone during the rainy season, making food and income scarce for its residents. Approximately 500 children received a simple meal of rice and cassava and we paid for two cooks to prepare the meals (the cooks each earn $30 a month – that’s a dollar a day). Given that this is likely their only meal of the day, and that when there is no food at the school, children are not likely to attend, our donation (and the meals it provided) was essential to the children’s physical – and mental – health. Read more.

Project update

For more information: andandoworld.blogspot.com

Additional photos: 2010 Project Photos

May 2010

$3,400 was given to help the Association pour la Sauvegarde des Girafe du Niger (Association for the Preservation of Giraffes in Niger, or ASGN) fight extreme poverty in the villages of Tollo, Boulla Korgui, Kouré and the small surrounding communities in Niger. In consultation with the government, ASGN has set up two small clinics in the area. They have also hired two midwives to improve sanitary and health conditions within local populations (especially those of women and children). The clinics support a small team of doctors who facilitate provision of medical services to impoverished citizens. We provided medicines through their “health huts” to support the most vulnerable members of the population and enable an effective fight against chronic and deadly diseases and ailments paralyzing the community such as malaria and diarrhea. Our support was estimated to last for next six months. Read more.

June 2010 Project June 2010

$3,200 was given to Every Child Is My Child to underwrite scholarships for 32 students to attend secondary school in Mageyo, outside Burundi’s capital, Bujumbur, so they can start school in September. In Burundi, all students take a qualifying exam at the end of primary school. Only those who pass are admitted to attend secondary school. Of the 150 or so who take the exam at Mageyo each year, thirty to forty students typically pass. This is a relatively strong pass rate for a poor, rural district. Yet not all of the Mageyo students actually can go on to secondary school because of the cost. Read more.

August 2010 Project July 2010

$3,200 was given to the Shining Star Academy in Nuwakot, Nepal to fund the salary of two teachers, an assistant teacher, and a school aid for a full year. We also funded some school supplies and a portion of the principal’s salary. Many children in the village and throughout the region completely lack opportunities to attend school at even the most elementary level. Instead, they have no choice but to work from sunup to sundown with their families out in the fields, sowing, tending, and harvesting crops that are their primary source of food. Sadly, where educational opportunities exist, the quality of both the physical buildings and teaching can be poor and access to educational supplies and teaching tools limited. Read more.

Project update

For more information: twitter.com/ShiningStarAcad

Additional photos: 2010 Project Photos

August 2010 Project August 2010

$3,200 was given to Vitamin Angels to support their Vitamin A delivery program in Cote d’Ivoire. This grant covered the purchase of 231,214 vitamin A 100,000 iu capsules for children 6-11 months of age. This will cover close to 70% of the need for the entire country. Our project involved five community health centers in five different slums in the suburbs of Abidjan. An estimated 190 million children under five suffer from vitamin A deficiency (VAD) worldwide. As a result, the rate of infants and children contracting such common but severe diseases as measles, malaria, diarrhea and acute respiratory tract infections is dangerously high. Battling these illnesses with weakened immune systems, a consequence of VAD, results in too many young lives cut short. Read more.

For more information: www.vitaminangels.org

Additional photos: 2010 Project Photos

September 2010 Project September 2010

$3,200 was given to the Corbett Foundation to provide flood relief to families in India. In September, Uttarakhand was hit by the worst floods in the last 40 years. Prolonged rains resulted in flash floods and massive landslides around areas near the foothills of the Himalayas. Poor villagers lost their belongings and livestock and had their crops destroyed. Many also lost their lives. Tens of thousands of people were left stranded without food, water, shelter or clothes. Some were forced to abandon their homes in search of aid. The situation worsened as lack of food, sanitation and clean water resulted in the spread of diseases such as gastroenteritis, malaria, and dysentery. We provided medicines and blankets to the families who lost everything as a result of this calamity. Read more.

Project update

For more information: www.corbettfoundation.org

Additional photos: 2010 Project Photos

October 2010

$3,100 was given to El Porvenir to assist 408 people in Nicaragua in gaining access to clean drinking water, as well as health and hygiene education. Currently, the 68 families in Nicaragua’s El Tanque community do not have access to clean drinking water. Their existing well is an artisanal open air well and does not provide clean water suitable for human consumption. The water is contaminated and muddy, and families often suffer from diarrhea and other preventable diseases related to poor sanitation and unclean water. The community does not have a school or a clinic, and only half the families have electricity in their homes. The residents of El Tanque are subsistence farmers who live in extreme poverty and can’t afford to buy the construction materials themselves to drill and build a well. Sadly, other development institutions that undertake water/sanitation projects won’t work with communities this small. Read more.
For more information: http://elporvenir.org/

November 2010

$3,000 was donated to stock a pharmacy in Sudan with a range of basic medicines including malaria treatments, electrolyte sachets for diarrhea, basic first-aid items such as bandages and antiseptics, and vital anti-snake bite treatments. Our donation will provide health treatments for 1,500 wildlife rangers and their families for a year. The Southern Sudan Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism employs members of the Acholi Community to work as rangers in Nimule National Park, located on the border between South Sudan and Uganda. The majority of these rangers were soldiers during the civil war, many recruited as children. Read more.

December 2010 Project December 2010

$2,700 was given to ACODO orphanage in Cambodia to provide the flood-affected children there with rice, vegetables, salt, garlic, seasonings, cooking oil, soy sauce, fresh fruit and drinking water as part of their daily meals. As a result of our contribution, all 65 children will have access to these staples of their regular diet for more than a month. The age of the children at the facility varies from 3 to 19. Many are former homeless street children who were vulnerable to exploitation from others. ACODO saved them from becoming beggars, prostitutes or criminals. They no longer have to scavenge in the local garbage bin for their next meal. The orphanage flooded after heavy rains in October 2010 (which resulted in tens of millions of dollars worth of damage to the nation’s infrastructure) and the directors of the organization found themselves in desperate need of financial assistance to underwrite the daily food requirements for the children. Read more.
For more information: www.acodo.org

Additional photos: 2010 Project Photos

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